Documents of the Macedonian league from 1880 and 1881 related to the uprisings

(Razlog and Krestna)



The Manifesto of the Temporary government of Macedonia

23 March 1881


Our dear motherland Macedonia once was one of the most famous lands. Macedonian nation, putting the first foundations of military skills, by her victorious phalanges and Aristotle’s education civilized the humanity and Asia. But, once so glorious our motherland, today she is at the doorstep of her destruction due to our mistakes and to forgetting of our origin. Foreign and dubious people want to take possession of our land and to destroy our nationality, which shining with such a glow can not and will not ever fall. She has become like a widow; so terribly her sons have deserted her. She doesn’t wave the banner anymore, which victorious Macedonian armies carried in triumph. Today she is just a geographical term. As if her victorious features are to be covered with the coverage of oblivion. Her intriguers have dug her grave, crossing and pouring over our land destructive poisons. These intriguers are gravediggers of the great and glorious motherland; it is also, those intriguers who are seeking to crumble her and sooner allow the victorious Austro-Hungarian troops to invade her. Passing from one yoke through another, Macedonian regeneration  will not become possible and our nationality will fall. The moment for Macedonia is critical: it is about life or death.

True Macedonians, faithfull children of the motherland!

Will you tolerate the fall of our dear land? Look at her enslaved and with wounds caused by the surrounding nations. Look at her and see her heavy chains produced by the sultan. Being so incapable and watching her all in tears, our dear Macedonia, our dear motherland is calling You: you are my faithful children; you, my heirs after Aristotle and Alexander the Great, you, in whose veins runs Macedonian blood, do not leave me dying, but help me. What a sad sight for you, true Macedonians, will be if you become eye-witnesses to a funeral. No, no, here are my bloody terrible wounds, here are to you heavy  chains: break them, cure my wounds; let it be written on the flag I will lift up: unique and united Macedonia! As soon as you do it, courageously cast these murderers out of your land, who hold in their hands of discord and bring in divisive lusts, they separate you my children, into countless nationalities, and then gathering around the Macedonian flag, as your only unique national mark, lift up yourselves on high and prepare this glorious flag, and afterwards write in one accord:

Long live Macedonian people, long live Macedonia!

There is the voice of our motherland, there is liberty, that precious inheritance of the nations. Proclaim these words, this means call the noble hearts to hasten and come to fight, to come and help you win that holy freedom which for centuries has run away.

Macedonians, remember our origin and do not give up!

¨ustendil, 11/23 March 1881, True to the original Dospat, 18/30 April 1881.

President, Vasil Čomo (Simon)

Secretary, Nikola Trajkov

Proclamation: “Macedonia to Macedonians”

“... Therefore, we Macedonians have cast away our nationality, and other nations covet our land, as if theirs ...”

To Macedonian nations!

Our motherland Macedonia has once been one of the most glorious countries. Macedonian people put the first foundations of military skills. The victorious phalanges of Alexander the Great passed Aristotle’s education throughout the inland of Asia and thus civilized the mankind. But this once so glorious motherland, today is endangered to be divided and completely gone because we, Macedonians have cast away our nationality, and other nations covet our land as if theirs, and seek to subdue our great nationality which had shone in its independency.

True Macedonians!

Our motherland has become an orphan. Her victorious flag which had caused the world to tremble, today does not exist as a flag of a particular nation. Today, the name of Macedonia is written on the map as a memory, and her victorious graves lie in the great graveyard of oblivion, due to divisive schemes of those who cross over our land for already several years, filling our people with division and unhidden lusts. These bodies are gravediggers to once glorious Macedonia. They work for her crumbling and by causing local quarrels they prepare place for foreign army to flood our country. Critical days for survival of Macedonia appeared. A life or death decision is being made. Macedonian heroes! Will you allow a burial to your beautiful country while you are still alive? Look at her, wounded by the poisonous arrows from the surrounding nations who want to tear her apart among themselves. Our dear mother Macedonia is in such a desperate state, looking at us with tearful eyes shouting:

If you really are my children, if Macedonian blood streams through your veins, then you better die for me instead of remaining living witnesses of the disappearance of the Macedonian nationality. Do not trust the neighboring nations’ intrigues which work for my destruction. You are the children of my womb, even if you speak Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, pagan, Romanian or Hebrew. You all are my born children regardless if you believe in Mohamed, Moses or Jesus. Even though some of you recognize as elders the Pope, others chief islam, thirds the exarches,  fourths the patriarch, fifths the rabbi, you all still are children of the same mother Macedonia who cries day and night, swearing you to appease, to agree and to become as brothers. Won’t you be ashamed if the neighbors speaking the respective language, but are my enemies, tear you apart and divide you? Will you even help them burry me in grave, and with me the glorious Macedonian name as well? If you do not want that, if on the contrary, you want to cure my wounds, you as true Macedonians decide: on the flag I am waving today let it be written: Macedonia to Macedonians, and thus drive all intriguers out of your ancestors’ land, who flame up separations of national lusts, which today tear you, my children and brothers of one blood, apart  in different foreign nationalities. Recognizing this flag of mine as your unique flag, cry out: Long live the inseparable Macedonian people!

From the protocol of the last meeting of the central silogos “Macedonia to Macedonians” on which it was decided this proclamation to be printed in all languages in Macedonia. 


In Constantinople,


Central silogos



The Association of Ancient Macedonians  Bogdanci